Helvellyn’s Ridges with James

A few weeks ago, mid DnD game, James spontaneously changed the subject from issues of corrupt nobility and an evil black dragon to say “Bob, you do lots of outdoorsy stuff right? I’m getting into walking and I was thinking we should go out and do an exciting walk”.

2019-08-03 09.42.18Ever one to leap at an opportunity for a Quality Mountain Day I cheerily agreed and we started making plans to rendezvous in the Lake District next time we had a free weekend. Come the time everything lined up and we were going to have a day of really clear weather.

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A week on the Fife Coastal Path – Day 7 – The End!

We woke in the forest to the sounds of nature.

And joggers. And then a dog walker. And then some cyclists. Eventually the curious attention from passers by got the best of us and we hauled ourselves out of our sleeping bags. Normally on a solo trip I’d be very much of the “arrive late, leave early” school of wild camping, but on the 7th morning of a hike I challenge you to get up early.

Flicking a tick off of me before it had the chance to dig its head in (yes, there are deer ticks in this forest – watch yourself), we got packed and headed out on our way.

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A week on the Fife Coastal Path – Day 6

Day 6 was a day I’d been looking forward to for the entire trip. From the early planning stages the sight on the map of 4 miles or so of walking through a big flat forest had my attention.

One of my dream bucket list trips would be a multi-day walk which takes place entirely within deciduous forest. Sadly, this is a dream which¬† can never be fulfilled within the UK due to thousands of years of chopping trees down to build big boats so we could go oppress foreign lands. My fantasies of days of practicing bushcraft skills, trekking along rustling paths of beech leaves, catching sight of woodland life roaming around the brush will have to remain just that, fantasies. I do have some long term designs on a bikepacking adventure around either Ettrick or Kielder forests, but those are both managed coniferous monocultures for the most part – and that just isn’t the same.

Tentsmuir forest isn’t a bad option for a walk though, about 14km2 of mixed woodland (much of it boring old pine forest, but a fair amount of others to be fair), a whole load of wildlife (we saw red squirrels and deer, and we weren’t even looking), a whole load of archaeology, and some coastal terrain as well with broad sand dunes and beaches.

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